Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

About Counseling/Psychotherapy

There are many people who are curious about therapy, but feel shy about actually trying it out.

Some fear that if they deeply explore themselves, they'll find things they don't like.

Many can spend years feeling unfulfilled, or not as happy as they want to be, and come to feel that this is the only way to live. Those that wonder whether it could help them are probably onto something. They are likely sensing the possibility of a more fulfilling approach to life.
If you have never been in therapy before, there may be some uncertainty as to what to expect.  Confidential sessions are 50 minutes. Longer sessions are available based on a prorated fee.  Confidentiality is a legal and ethical requirement, which means I may not divulge anything said during our session with few exceptions. Those exceptions are clearly discussed in the first session. Sessions are geared toward you reaching your goal. My role is to help you get there.  Sometimes personal goals are not always known at the beginning of counseling, and that’s okay. Goals can often manifest once counseling has begun.